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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How many 340g trial bags can I request?

A: For our usual 340g trial bag tasting, you may request One (1) free trial bag. We launch promotions or campaigns from time to time and during such events, you may request for up to Two (2) free trial bags of different recipes.

2. Do I have to pay for the 340g trial bags?

A: No charges are payable if you are able to collect the trial bags at our office. Collection must be made within Fourteen (14) days upon approval failing which we reserve right to cancel your request. If you opt for delivery of your trial bags, a $9 fee is chargeable for shipping & handling for request of One (1) trial bag or $18 for request of Two (2) trial bags.


If you request for Two (2) trial bags (only available during promotions or campaigns), we will include a Third bag in your request at no extra cost. We will confirm your preferred recipe for the Third bag via Whatsapp. 


3. My request for the 340g trial bags is approved. How long will it take if I request for them to be delivered to me?   

A: Processing of requests requires 5-7 working days. Upon approval and successful payment of the required fees, courier service will be arranged to deliver the trial bags to you. Local courier service takes between 1-2 working days under normal circumstances.

4. If I wish to collect the trial bags, where and when can I collect them?

A: Collection can be made at K-9 ARTEFACTS @ EASTECH Building, Block 3016 Bedok North Ave 4 #06-08 Singapore 489947 during office hours from Monday to Friday, 10am to 5pm (excluding public holidays).


5. Why is my request for the 340g trial bags rejected?

A: All requests for trial bags are subject to our approval. We may reject repeated requests of the same recipe or if requests are made from the same household or any other reasons. We are not obliged to disclose reasons for any rejection.


6. Can I request the same recipe for the 340g trial bags? 

A: No. Trial bags are given out for pet owners to test palatability and request for same recipe is not allowed. 


7. What if the recipe that I requested is not available? 

A: In the event the recipe of the trial bag you requested is not available, we may require you to change to a different recipe.

8. Am I allowed to make multiple requests of the 340g trial bags?

A: For our usual 340g trial bag tasting, you are not allowed to submit multiple requests within the same week. Multiple requests will not be processed. We will only process one request per name per household. For promotions or campaigns, you may submit one request per month.

9. Can I collect multiple 340g trial bags per collection? 

A: You can only collect One (1) bag during each collection for our usual 340g trial bag tasting. You may collect up to Two (2) bags during promotions or campaigns.

10. Where can I purchase ORIJEN and ACANA pet food?

A: You may purchase ORIJEN and ACANA pet food from our trusted merchants. See for more information.  

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