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About us.

Established in 1999,

K-9 ARTEFACTS pioneered the distribution of the best pet product in Singapore. This is the core of our business and had never changed.

Vision - To sell only the best products.
Mission - To share our knowledge of pet products everywhere.
Motto - When Only the Best Will Do!
To do this, we only partner with Specialty Pet Shops whose owners share our vision and mission. They display our products prominently and proudly in their stores and share our knowledge of pet products with discerning pet parents. We partner exclusively with specialty shops because they:

.support innovative, research-driven pet products;
2.value our partnership towards continued growth with mutual benefits.
3.recommend products based on performance rather than profits. Partnering with more than 150 Specialty
Pet Shops in Singapore, K-9 ARTEFACTS has firmly established itself as the leading premium pet product distributor. We call these Specialty Pet Shops our TRUSTED MERCHANT PARTNERS.

Our Operations.


K-9 ARTEFACTS takes our role as a Distributor very seriously. We align ourselves with brand owners' values and vision to deliver growth strategy in this region. Our top priority is to be a strong and effective advocate of their brands. We do the job by adopting and investing in world-class business tools, facilities and human resources.

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Meet The Team


Since 1999

More than 2 Decades in the industry

aftersales & support

High priority towards
Brand Development

Clan Culture


Singapore, a natural hub of Asia, is a springboard into Asian countries. Global companies use our market as testbeds for new products or new ideas. Singapore is also well-known for its strict industry tests, requirements and compliance. Being in Singapore helps an inspiring company to grow in Asia, the incentive to be established and to do well in Singapore. Not many businesses in the pet industry can call themselves a decade-old company, let alone 2 decades. K-9 ARTEFACTS can because we are.


Established in 1999, and with more than two decades of history and network in Singapore, K-9 ARTEFACTS brand is well known in the pet industry. We are known for our dedication to the global brands we represent, dedication to work closely with the merchants we partner and dedication to our customers we fondly call Pet Parents.


K-9 ARTEFACTS does not simply distribute or sell the product into the market. We ensure that the brand becomes well known and will achieve high regard in the industry. We have a team of dedicated personnel to take care of each brand from sales to marketing to processing order to delivery. K-9 ARTEFACTS ensure that each aspect required for the brand to grow is well-oiled and is functioning at the highest level at all times.


K-9 ARTEFACT partners only merchants who care more about the products they sell to their customers. We can only strive among such specialists. We have a stringent merchant selection process. We want our merchants to be able to transfer the correct knowledge to the pet parents and in return, they will support those brands which cares about the health and well-being of our beloved pets - thus increasing the quality of their lives.



Since 1999, when our founder Mr. Patrick Tan started this business, his slogan is - When Only the Best Will Do… - to show what he would like to do - clearly and precisely - is to represent only the best brand in the industry. For over two decades, he has made it his crusade to do just that. Pet parents can easily associate brands imported by K-9 ARTEFACTS with the highest quality and at the same time beautifully priced. Pet parents can buy with confidence, knowing that these are brands they can trust and have the well-being of their beloved pets in mind.

Growing Your Vision

We invest into a brand for at least 5 years - pouring back the profit to grow the brand and make it well-known in Singapore. We help brands tell their story - which is - very important nowadays and we tell brand stories through various channels - on Facebook, on Instagram, Blogging, create Reels, create Stories, displays in shops, regular roadshows, major pet fairs, etc. We help brands localize. Placing products onto shelves is the easiest part of the business but K-9 ARTEFACTS don’t do just that. We focus on brand awareness, product education, correct market placement, stability and longevity of the brands that we help put out into the market. Success is a necessity, not an alternative. Food market is a gross margin game - low 50 high 40. However, high trade spend + manpower goes up as we scale eats into the margin. Raising prices hurts volume. A fine balance has to be achieved. The distribution set up is as important. We have achieved the economies of scale as we control our overheads. We now have the perfect set up for fantastic distribution network, consistent sales support and customer service, memorable marketing both inbound and outbound - all aspect that are very important for market penetration.


Doing Good Business.
Beyond a Business Doing Good

In 2024, K-9 ARTEFACTS will embark on a 5-year plan to reduce our carbon footprint. We start by using data to reduce wastage through better ordering prediction and better delivery schedules. We also invested in a more powerful ordering and accounting system in view to reduce the reliance and requirement for papers. These measures aim to reduce our usage of petrol, ingredients, bags, papers, and ink. It will also increase our productivity thus making the work for our staff more meaningful. When they need to spend less time on the road, it will mean more time for family. 


One Friday Off Every Month ~ Baby Steps Towards Work-Life Balance. From 2023, K-9 ARTEFACTS introduced this special program so that our staff can enjoy one Friday off a month to run errands, or spend time with their family or just to relax and recharge. This program is on top of their annual leave, medical leave or any child care or maternity/paternity leaves.

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