Enhance Dog Hair Colour

Professional Formula Whitening/Brightening Shampoo

Rich in coat cleansers, optical brighteners, and coconut oil conditioners, which cleanses thoroughly and safely.

Optical brighteners make the hair looks even brighter than before with rich natural hair colour. Especially recommended for Blacks, Silvers, Whites and Creams.

Highly effective for removing stains as well. Removes tear stain, saliva stain and rust stain on black coat.

Contains coconut oil which has many beneficial properties for dog hair and skins such as remove dog smell and a more sleek & glossy hair.

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Pure White Lightening Shampoo

Whitens, brightens and remove stains with real results!

Active enyzme whitening shampoo that make white coats even whiter than before.

Show results in 4 or less washes! Not recommended to use on dull coloured dogs as it is so effective in whitening, it may remove dull colours.

Recommended for Whites, Creams, Light Silver and Pale Gold coats.

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Clearly Illuminating Shampoo

Unique pearl red color makes it easy to see where you have applied the shampoo, on even thick coat.

Cover every inch of the hair and work in all the goodness of the shampoo
- Clean, Illuminate & Condition.

Brightens all colours and hair types.

Gentle for sensitive dogs and cats.


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