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Gentle Formula Shampoo

Specially formulated gentle shampoo are different compared to regular shampoos.

Puppy and kitten's skin are delicate, regular shampoos may not be suitable for their
skin and coat. Specially formulated gentle shampoo is recommended instead.

Similar to lactating or pregnant dogs, as they will be nursing their puppy which
you don't want them to taste shampoo residue with their milk

No human shampoo should be used on dog or cat.


Super Cleaning & Conditioning Shampoo

A specially formulated shampoo, rich in conditioners, which cleanses thoroughly without stripping and rinses out quickly.

Extremely gentle formula that softens the coat and can be used on the most sensitive skins, puppies, lactating dog and cats.

It is also safe and gentle enough to be used everyday without removing natural oil.

Recommended for long coated dogs as it adds weight to the coat.

pH 6.25

Use with Botanical conditioner for optimal results.

Puppy / Kitten
Pregnant/Lactating Dog
Normal Bath
Everyday Bath

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